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The breadth, depth and impact of the Nonprofit Sector in our communities and our state is truly amazing. New York State´s nonprofits sector, comprised of over 60,000 charities, is the very fabric of our community and cultural services that touch and improve the quality of our daily lives in more ways than can be imagined. Whether it is the arts, libraries, museums, health and human services, affordable housing, economic development -- you name it, nonprofits are there to make our communities a better place to live.

But there is much more to New York State´s Nonprofit Secotr than the wealth of good deeds it accomplishes. Charties are a vital economic engine that generates hundreds of billions of dollars of spending power annually, spending power that employs over a million people directly and countless more by purchasing financial and banking services, real estate, construction, food, vehicles, technology, equipment, supplies, printing, legal, accounting, and retail services.  The nonprofit sector is a highly valuable corporate and small business customer.

The Council of Community Services of New York State, Inc. provides your business with many exciting opportunities to build a mutually beneficial relationship with these nonprofits. Partnership with nonprofits through CCSNYS is not only good for the community, it is smart business.

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