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Life Insurance for Only $.30 per $1,000! CCSNYS and Council Services Plus are pleased to offer this program to CCSNYS member organizations!

As the leader in Group Life Insurance
[1], MetLife is in a unique position to help provide the right plan for employers – not just today, but over time – to meet the changing needs of businesses and their employees. Since many employees purchase life insurance through their workplace, it’s a critical part of a company’s benefits package – helping employees achieve financial security for their families. And no one is better at helping provide this security than MetLife. Council Services Plus, the insurance subsidiary of the Council of Community Services, is pleased to offer New York State Nonprofits quality Group Term Life Insurance at affordable group rates. 
Available to groups with 1 or more employees:
  • Benefits in flat amounts from $5000 to $50,000 (in increments of $5000) or, as a multiple of Annual Salary[2] (rounded to the nearest $5,000 and capped at $100,000)[3]
  • Coverage is guaranteed when requested amounts are $50,000 or below.
  • Accelerated Benefit Option for employees who become terminally ill.
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) coverage available for employees.
  • Continued Death Benefits in the event of Total Disability.
  • Conversion Privilege.
  • 100% participation (by class) is required, plans can be contributory

Coverage Costs are $.30 per $1000, (including the administrative fee.)

[1] Employee Benefit Plan Review, May 2003. Based on total life insurance in force as of 12/31/02.
[2] Basic annual salary may include an employee’s gross annual rate of pay from the employer, excluding overtime and other extra pay. If an employee is a salesperson, basic annual salary includes commissions and/or bonuses, averaged for the mot recent 24-month period.
[3] Amounts above $50,000 will require a Statement of Medical Health and underwriter approval.

How do We Enroll In One of These Plans?
Complete the necessary paperwork. All paperwork and forms must be completed and returned by the 10th of the month to allow for timely processing.

  1. Completed MetLife New Group Submission Form
  2. Signed Request for Participation Form
  3. A complete census of covered employees listing employee name, SS#, gender, DOB, and coverage amount. 
  4. For any employee requesting more that $50,000 in life insurance coverage, a completed Statement of Medical form,
  5. CCSNYS Member Employer Information Form
  6. CCSNYS Agency Board Resolution- To be signed by your Board President.
  7. An agency check for the first month’s premium payable to CCSNYS, Inc.

Each employee electing this insurance should complete the Beneficiary form. Original forms should be kept in a safe place in your office. The Beneficiary Designation does not need to be submitted to CCSNYS.



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