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The State of New York is pleased to present the

State Board Training Consortium’s
 Achieving Excellence
in Governance

Qualifying Nonprofits are those Funded by or Affiliated with:

  • NYS Office of Alcoholism & Substance Abuse Services Karen M. Carpenter-Palumbo, Commissioner
  • NYS Office of Mental Health Michael F. Hogan, PhD, Commissioner
  • NYS Department of Health´s AIDS Institute and Center for Community Health Richard F. Daines M.D., Commissioner
  • NYS Office of Children and Family Services Gladys Carrión, Esq, Commissioner

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is SBTC?
Welcome to the New York State Board Training Consortium’s Achieving Excellence in GovernanceTraining Series, provided through a contract with the State of New York by the Council of Community Services of New York State, Inc. (CCSNYS). The New York State Board Training Consortium (SBTC) is comprised of four New York State agencies, including the NYS Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS), NYS Office of Mental Health (OMH), the NYS Department of Health AIDS Institute and Center for Community Health; and NYS Department of Children & Family Services. 

Boards of Directors are comprised of individuals who volunteer their time and services are legally responsible for proper governance of the  nonprofit as it pursues its mission. Board members are entrusted with the overall management and oversight of the nonprofits and have legal, fiduciary and moral  obligations to keep themselves adequately informed about the  organization’s affairs. 

The SBTC’s Achieving Excellence in Governance Training Series is intended to empower board members of affiliated nonprofits throughout the state with the information and tools necessary to carry out their very important responsibilities and obligations. Whether you are an experienced board member, or just beginning your volunteer service, on a board for a larger established agency or a newer, smaller one, there is a SBTC training that can meet your needs.

This training consortium represents the continuation of an unprecedented collaborative effort of four state agencies to promote excellence in governance of the nonprofits whose programs are funded and regulated by New York State. In many cases these nonprofits provide the substantial portion of direct care and support services to individuals and families in communities throughout New York.

What do I get from an SBTC session?

The knowledge and tools to empower you to be the effective board member you want to be

  • A comprehensive resource manual with tools helpful for post-training reference and use
  • Certificate of Attendance
  • Special recognition from the State of New York for completing 6 of the 12 session in the series
  •  Special recognition for your nonprofit if the majority of your board    attends one or more sessions in the series
  • Also, each SBTC nonprofit with one or more board members attending a training session will be eligible to receive one hour of free technical assistance directly from CCSNYS. This assistance is provided per nonprofit, not trainee, as a contribution of CCSNYS and is not  financially supported by SBTC, nor is SBTC responsible for the content or accuracy of any such free assistance
How much is an SBTC session?
There is NO fee for these
 Training Sessions for qualifying board members.

Who should plan on attending?
Members of nonprofit boards affiliated with OASAS, OMH, the NYS DOH AIDS  Institute, Office of Children and Family Services are encouraged to attend one or more sessions offered by the SBTC. The board president should coordinate attendances so that new board members attend sessions to gain basic skills, and more seasoned board members may define their roles and responsibilities and provide the tools for success.
Note: Executive Directors/CEOs and/or Chief Fiscal Officers are invited to attend when
accompanied by at least one of their board members. 

How do I register for a session?
Four easy options to register:
  1. ONLINE: Click here for Online registration.
  2. BY MAIL: Complete the information in the brochure and return to: CCSNYS/SBTC Registration, 272 Broadway, Albany, NY 12204
  3. BY PHONE: 1.800.515.5012, ext. 126, or 518.434.9194, ext. 126
  4. BY FAX: 518.434.0392

What can I expect once I register?
Once you register to attend an SBTC session, you will be contacted by CCSNYS and provided with what is needed for your participation. Prior to the session you will receive: 

  1. An email confirmation of your registration
  2. A survey that is to be completed and submitted prior to attendance
  3. Directions to a training session.

When are the upcoming workshops?
Please click here for our online calendar.

How can I get a copy of the brochure?
Please click here for a downloadable brochure. [Coming Soon!]

Can I talk to a person about specific questions?
Yes! Please contact us at (800) 515-5012 ext. 126 or 121 or email [email protected]

List of Future Events:

  • SBTC Ethical Considerations - NYC [ 1/30/2008 ]
  • SBTC Duties & Responsibilities - NYC [ 1/30/2008 ]
  • SBTC Motivated Board - NYC [ 1/30/2008 ]
  • SBTC Human Resource Issues - Syracuse [ 2/21/2008 ]
  • SBTC Legal Obligations - Syracuse [ 2/21/2008 ]
  • SBTC Accounting Basics - Syracuse [ 2/22/2008 ]
  • SBTC Duties & Responsibilities - Syracuse  [ 2/22/2008 ]
  • SBTC Ethical Considerations - Albany [ 3/27/2008 ]
  • SBTC Duties & Responsibilities - Albany [ 3/28/2008 ]
  • SBTC Fiscally Accountable Board - Albany [ 3/28/2008 ]

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