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Financial Accountability & Compliance Services (FACS)
With an ongoing commitment to improving the financial health and fiscal infrastructure of nonprofits statewide, CCSNYS provides nonprofits assistance in financial management, board and staff training on fiscal issues, and fiscal sponsorship to emerging nonprofits. Click here for a complete list of services.

Financial Accountability & Compliance Services (FACS) Key Personnel:
Kelly Mathews, Senior Vice President
Rochelle Williams, Accounts & Information Technology Specialist
Gary Conn, Fiscal Sponsorship & Outsource Bookkeeper
Cynthia Lowe, CPA, Accounts Specialist
Theresa Mikoleski, Accounts Specialist

How Do I Start?
For FACS services and inquires, please contact Kelly S. Mathews at 518-434-9194, ext. 120 or e-mail [email protected]. For Fiscal Sponsorship, contact Gary Conn at 518-434-9194, ext. 122.
Once we have determined what services you´d like us to provide, we´ll develop a proposal, including service scope, cost estimate and FACS staff assigned. Upon review and approval, service will be delivered in a previously agreed upon timeframe. Please note that some FACS services are available via third party funding arrangements based on mission area and location. Please contact us for more information.
Assistance in Preparation of Consolidated Fiscal Reports-
Several of CCSNYS´ nonprofit members receive funding from NYS OMRDD, NYS OMH, and/or NYS OASAS and have approached CCSNYS for assistance in preparing the CFR and other required schedules. FACS staff has the expertise to assist agency staff with compiling the necessary financial information for any of the required documents.
Assistance with Preparation of IRS Form 990, 990T, CHAR 500-
While FACS staff will not prepare and sign an agency´s Form 990 as a paid preparer, assistance is provided in compiling and interpreting the necessary financial information. Such assistance is also available for the preparation of CHAR 500.

Budget Development-
FACS provides assistance and related training to both board members and staff in overall agency budget development, capital budgets, and program budgeting.

Centralized Bookkeeping/Fiscal SponsorshipServices-
For those nonprofit members who lack the infrastructure to manage their fiscal operations in house, FACS provides bookkeeping services at our Albany offices. All aspects of fiscal operations are provided and accounting records are maintained on Fund E-Z accounting software. We also provide fiscal sponsorship for those emerging nonprofits that have not yet received a 501(c)3 designation. Click here for our Fiscal Sponsorship Application.

Financial Management Board Training-
CCSNYS has long been a provider of quality board training in all areas of board development, and FACS has expanded the financial management training capacity to include more detailed training in such areas as fiduciary responsibilities, accounting basics, and reading and interpreting financial statements and understanding filing regulatory requirements. Our training presentations are not "canned" but modified based on each individual organization´s or group´s specific needs.

Financial Management Procedural Assessment-
This service assesses the entire financial management protocol structure, from development at the board level to implementation at staff level. Training is provided on appropriate "Accountability Structures" designed to assign tasks and accountability for both board members and staff.

Fiscal Procedures Review-
During a time when nonprofit agencies are faced with a highly competitive market for trained fiscal staff, FACS has recognized the need for documentation of fiscal procedures, not only for internal control purposes, but also in the event of fiscal staff turnover. This process involves documenting and developing a flowchart model of all fiscal procedures.FACS staff also identifies and makes recommendations for correcting any weaknesses identified during the process.

Internal Control Review-
While similar to the fiscal procedure review, internal control procedures are assessed and documented as they pertain to Circular A-133 audits.

Ongoing Oversight, “Visiting CFO” Services CCSNYS’ nonprofit members have repeatedly identified the need for financial oversight and monitoring on an ongoing, monthly basis due to limited fiscal staff or the lack of a higher level of financial expertise in-house. Responding to these requests, FACS now offers monthly oversight and review services tailored to meet each organization’s specific needs.

Preliminary Audit Preparation-
FACS staff has noted that due to fiscal office staffing limitations, agencies often are forced to pay their independent auditors additional fees to compile schedules and information that could be prepared in house. FACS provides all levels of audit preparation, from reconciliation schedules, to merely organizing the fiscal information effectively for independent audits, A-133 audits, program audits, or audits from all levels of governmental units.

Regulatory/Conformance Assessment-
Often, agency staff is unaware of regulations and conformance requirements of funding contracts and/or regulatory bodies. FACS and other Nonprofit Services staff combine their areas of expertise in accounting, legal, and policy to assess and document an agency´s level of compliance for their internal use, and provide related training, where necessary, to ensure that compliance with all external regulators is actively addressed.

Systems Analysis-
  • Accounting Software Advisory Service and Training- Software, Hardware Installation-Accounting System Conversion
  • Nonprofit agencies are increasingly faced with changing technology needs as they relate to fiscal operations. FACS staff has the expertise to assess both the technological needs of an agency´s fiscal office, as well as assist with the selection and installation of an appropriate accounting software package. FACS can also facilitate or perform a conversion from one software package to another.
  • FACS also sells and supports Fund E-Z Accounting and Fundraising software, rated among the top ten nonprofit accounting software packages by the Journal of Accountancy.
For FACS or other financial management services, contact Kelly S. Mathews at 1-800-515-5012, ext. 120 or e-mail [email protected]

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